Hutto Homes are Flying off the Market

In small cities, things usually don’t change much. But long time Hutto native and real estate agent Amy English sees changes all over her hometown.

“It is very strange for me to drive down a street in a community now … or an entire neighborhood and not see a for sale sign,” English said.

And if that rare sign does appear, it doesn’t take long for someone to make a move.

“They’re not even on the market three or four days and you’re getting an offer,” Sarah Taylor-Maggett with Lexor Homes said.

And Hutto agents are receiving new kinds of offers for these homes.

“We have never experienced a situation where there are multiple offers on a property the day it hits the market in Hutto,” English said.

It’s usually a sold sign that sits on the front lawn, but there’s another issues agents face.

“The problem is we don’t have enough houses to sell right now,” English said. “There literally is more people moving here than we can put into houses right now.”

And some homeowners had to try over and over again to finally call Hutto home.

“I have a family moving here from California. We finally got them under contract this week for a house in Hutto. I had wrote nine offers before they finally got one accepted,” English said.

There is a downside to so many people moving to town, especially for current homeowners.

“I’ve heard anywhere from $38 to a couple hundred dollars per month extra the people weren’t normally planning on their mortgages raising,” English said. “So the people that are living the paycheck-to-paycheck, it’s definitely going to hit them hard.”

And while it’s English’s job to find new homes for potential buyers, she doesn’t want her hometown to completely change.

“We don’t want to lose the community feeling we have right now,” she said. “Even though we are growing by leaps and bounds, this community has a small town feeling.”

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