Capital Metro increases frequency, expands transit service

Capital Metro increases frequency, expands transit service

cap metro

Capital Metro launched more frequent-service routes and added or realigned bus routes as part of the service changes that went into effect on Sunday. Trip frequency was increased along five Local routes, a new bus route will begin in the Loyola area, Route 37 will now provide service to the Mueller H-E-B, and Route 271 will be realigned to better serve Del Valle residents. The changes are designed to provide more frequent bus service and also expand service, while maintaining system efficiency.

This month, riders can also pick up Capital Metro’s new System Map on buses, at the Capital Metro Transit Store (located at 209 West 9th Street) or download the PDF version.

The service changes that began Sunday include:

  • Frequency increases on routes 7 Duval/Dove Springs, 20 Manor/Riverside, 300 Govalle, 325 Ohlen, and 331 Oltorf
  • Launch of the new 237 Northeast Flex route
  • Reroute of the 37 Colony Park/Windsor Park
  • Reroute of the 271 Del Valle Flex

Additionally, Capital Metro transitioned several school-related services into summer schedules.

For more information about the June 2015 service changes, please visit


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